Odeon Record 1

Odeon Record (Germany) / c. 1909

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Design: A very beautiful design, on an attractive green background, featuring a delicately-drawn Art Nouveau-style illustration of a dancing maiden in a pink dress taking centre stage. The Odeon logo, after which the label takes its name, is visually balanced by a collage of musical instruments on the opposite side. The label shows a combination of pre- and post-WWI treatment of the label name lettering, some of which follows the outer curve, while some runs horizontally across the centre.

History: The International Talking Machine Co. of Berlin was founded in 1903, Odeon being launched as its flagship label that same year. In 1911 the company was acquired by Swedish-German businessman Carl Lindström. Label scan courtesy of collector Florin Caloianu of Romania.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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