Odeon 1

Odeon Record (Romania) / c. 1915

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Design: 78 rpm paper label design has come a long way in ten years! A beautifully-drawn illustration of a pirouetting maiden, flanked by realistic drawings of a group of musical instruments on one side and the Odeon Theatre in Paris on the other. The drawing style reveals the influence of the contemporary Czech artist Alphonse Mucha, doyen of the Art Nouveau style. Printing was done by way of stone lithography, the shading achieved by means of hand-stippled dots. On this label, the figure of the dancing maiden extends well below the spindle hole (compare with an earlier version) and the collage of musical instruments has changed position to fit in the available space.

History: The International Talking Machine Co. of Berlin was founded in 1903, Odeon being launched as its flagship label that same year. In 1911 the company was acquired by Swedish-German businessman Carl Lindström. The scan of this very rare Romanian label courtesy of collector Florin Caloianu of Romania.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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