Omega Mezinárodní Deska (Czechoslovakia) / c. 1916

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Design: A plain-looking, single-colour label devoid of graphic images -- unusual treatment at a time when many German-made labels had progressed beyond the addition of simple graphics into multi-coloured pieces of art, e.g. the Odeon label (right). As such, the collectible value is less.

History: Label scans above and below left courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia, who writes: "This was a made-to-order label for Mr. Diego Fuchs, mostly from matrices of Favorite (then on sale already) and some other German producers. The first records appeared in 1912; among the very last titles pressed on this label were vocal recordings made by the Czech tenor Otokar Marak for Artiphon in 1923. This label was published in various colour versions and was still being offered in catalogues and advertisements till 1932."

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