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Beka (Germany) / c. 1922

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Design: Another eye-catching Beka label design, in which a distinctively-shaped panel containing the label name is prominently featured. The three-colour combination is also very attractive, with the triple-line red border highlighting all the elements. Thanks to collector Georg Richter of Germ,any for supplying info re the 'Beka boy,' "who is always seen carrying a record," and the images below. Label scan courtesy of collector Graham Farnell of the U.K.

History: According to collector Georg Richter of Germany, "In 1903 Mr. Heinrich Bumb and Mr. Carl Koenig started Beka started the 'Institut fur moderne Erfindungen [Institute for modern inventions] Bumb und Koenig' to develop gramophones and phonographs, soon afterward launching the Beka label. Their initial company name, 'Bumb & Konig,' was later simplified to 'Beka,' which came from 'BE,' the German pronunciation of the letter 'B' (standing for Bumb), and 'KA,' the German pronunciation of the letter 'K' (standing for Koenig). In 1910 Carl Lindstrom began buying Beka shares, and by 1917 he had become the sole owner. By the way, Wikipedia is wrong in claiming the label ended in 1925, and others are even mistaken in saying 1928."

"A colonial event." Note the slick salesman on the right outside the grass-roofed Beka hut in the jungle, with his Kaiser-style moustache, bow tie, kepi and check trousers -- and the potential customer on the left, 'testing' the wares! Note also the metal spacing which has worked its way up (below the image, to the right) which has caught ink and is accidentally printing. Image courtesy of Georg Richter of Germany.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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