Buddy (U.S.A.) / 1926

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Design: A great 1920s swash-underlined logo for the label name, with the initial B at a slightly more upright angle than the rest of the letters. The outer segments are laid out to follow the same hexagonal format as the (Starr) Gennett label, except that the image is rotated 60 degees, to sit on one of its flat edges (the name in the bottom segment is the only one whose baseline sits toward the outer edge). Perhaps by design, in order to arrive at six segments, each of the three companies involved (Associated Mfg., Southern Aluminum Co., and Aluminum Specialty Co.), lists two corporate offices. Two of the names are not placed diagonally opposite, perhaps to create a further illusion of multiple corporate involvement.

History: A very rare label, the name likely the result of three separate companies who combined to market an all-aluminum phonograph, to which they all (presumably) contributed component parts, thus becoming 'buddies.' Manufactured by the Starr Piano Company, it appeared for only a short time in the mid-1920s. Label scan courtesy of jazzologist and collector Dave Dixon of Canada.

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