Clangor Schallplatten

Clangor-Schallplatten (Germany) / 1935

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Design: The letters S and V are combined into a needle-point shape (the S laying on its side) and laid over a spinning record. The label name, set in large but very attractive classic roman capitals) and other info follows the outer curve, somewhat cramping the area allowed for the imprinting of the song title etc.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Issued by Schallplatten-Volksverband" (record union for people) from 1929 to 1942, Clangor was produced by Clangor-Schallplatten GmbH of Berlin, and sold to the public by mail-order only; the company also offered wind-up gramophones (see below) and record accessories. To qualify for free membership in the Volksverband it was a requirement that at least three records should be ordered every quarter, but with an order of six records the member got an additional record free of charge, and the enlisting of a new member was rewarded with an extra record. Unlike most other labels, the records had no unique order number but an individual number each side. T4330 [above] was issued in 1934. Even though the font size of 'Schallplatten-Volksverband' is dominant, the actual label name is Clangor (as seen at the foot)."

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