Norsk Reklame-Studio

Norsk Reklame-Studio (Norway) / 1936

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Design: The monoline label name lettering, seemingly written with a round-ended pen, has been carefully constructed and given some unorthodox 'styling.' The illustration above the spindle hole is also carefully drawn but in a disparate style, and shows a needle and tone-arm about to drop on a spinning record. Another example of careful attention to detail is the stroboscopic outer border, a technological innovation to indicate correct turntable speed, and which appeared on several other labels during the 1930s.

History: Evidently recorded in 1936 as a future vision for the Norwegian Labour Party by an Oslo sound recording studio. Though some prominent Norwegian politicians were being drawn to admire the success of the Nazi regime (see previous page), most Norwegian socialists probably did not foresee or welcome the surprise Nazi occupation of Norway in April 1940, an action taken to shield Germany's essential supply route of iron ore from Sweden. Label scan courtesy of collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.  

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