White Church 1

White Church Record (U.S.A.) / c. 1946

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Design: A striking image in which the black and white areas are contrasted with great effect.

History: An evangelical Christian ministry based in Chicago, which later moved to the west coast. The Blackwood Brothers also released material on their own label (see Blackwoods). Thanks to Robin Clayton of WLRC Gospel Radio, Walnut, Mississippi for the following info: "I have found nothing about White Church 78s online but I knew some folks who recorded for them, such as Herschel Foshee and His Stamps Baxter Quartet of Little Rock. His quartet was Herschel Foshee (bass), Joe Roper (piano), Horace Comstock (baritone?), Russell Guest (lead?) and Melvin Redd (tenor?). Of course the Blackwood Brothers from Shenandoah, Iowa as they were on KMA with Hilton Griswold (piano), Bill Lyles (bass), R.W. Blackwood (baritone), James Blackwood (lead) and Roy Blackwood (tenor). James told me once that Deb Dyer ran the label out of Kansas City and he tried to get his masters back from Deb to make 78s on his own Blackwood Brothers label and almost didn't. The Homeland Harmony [quartet] of 1948 that did 'Gospel Boogie' on White Church was Leroy Abernathy (piano), Aycel Soward (bass), James McCoy (baritone), Shorty Bradford (lead) and Connor Hall (tenor). James Roberts and Martha Carson also recorded for them, as well as the York Brothers, who did 'Soldier's Grave.' Later some remnants [of masters] went to California and Don Smith in Fresno restamped some with good wax. They sounded worlds better than Deb Dyers' sandpapery pressings! Herschel Foshee (at least) was reissued on the red-labeled vinyl pressings and they are clean. Don also did the later Blackwood Brothers 78s. In 1988 I went to an Old Timers reunion and met Leroy Abernathy, who owned the rights to White Church. All the products on his table were White Church cassettes (he took the steeple and made it taller). I understand that when he died Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys was supposed to get the rights as Duane gave Leroy a pension that reverted the rights when Leroy passed away."

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