Quality (Canada) / c. 1955

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Design: A simple layout, with a calligraphic logo featuring a Gothic capital Q with the rest of the name in a cursive pen script. The two lettering styles come from different periods in history and were created by different writing tools, but here are harmonized well.

History: Launched in 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, mainly to press and distribute records for a variety of American labels. Ceasing operations in 1985, it was revived in 1990 and remains active today under a slightly different name. Ron Hall, author of The CHUM Chart Book writes: "Quality Records started at #1001, known as the 'K' series -- although the K prefix didn't appear till around release #1480 -- and ended at K1999 in early 1960 when the 'X' series started with 1001X, about the time Canada stopped pressing 78 rpm records. The last record I recall being released on both 45 & 78 formats was Buster Brown's 'Fannie Mae,' Quality 1003X."

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